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Franklin Ho
Franklin Ho
Stanford Online High School
LOCATION: United States of America
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Franklin Ho is a rising senior at Stanford Online High School. He is passionate about physics, math, and biology. He has explored the potential physics methods behind optimizing ignition conditions for nuclear fusion. He has also attended the UCSC COSMOS Program to study astronomy and quantum physics, and has conducted research into quiescent galaxies using absorption spectra fitting. He later explored computational analysis of astronomy using Python, while conceptualizing math in new ways. At school, he is involved in Ethics Bowl and Science Bowl. He is also interested in philosophy’s junction with STEM, such as the ethics of technology and how science is limited by human perception. He volunteers as a mentor to support and cultivate post-homeless students’ interest in STEM. His hobbies include squash and classical piano performance, but during the pandemic, he has taken up an interest in running and learning contrapuntal composition techniques. During past summers, he was an avid traveler around the world and explorer of world history and culture.