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Not there yet, but I can see patterns emerging which I'm hoping would allow me to make this to work without having to change the code. Maybe using NestList? Although it looks simpler to use the Mathematica PolynomialQuotient and...
Felicitations, Tab did nothing in 10. Now, it leaves the inline cell and tabs the first line of the cell. Queer! Regards, Dean Sparrow {11.0.0, Student Version}
Thanks. You saved twenty oxen from a bloody end.
Read the documentation at: ref/RadicalBox depending on your OS the shortcuts might be different. On Mac: Ctrl + @ Ctrl + Shift + 5 (Ctrl+%)
I copied it to a blank notebook and laboriously revised the the styles. And viola~
Interested, but odd. Thank ye.
Thanks. I'm just trying to make my text notebooks look like Word documents, calibri 11, etc.
Sweet. Thanks.