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Giuseppe De Martino
University of Birmingham
LOCATION: United Kingdom
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Hi all You!

My name is Giuseppe.

Below, I have written my main academic achievements and professional interest.

Laurea (MEng) in Electronic Engineering and specialization in microelectronics.

I worked in field of Rfid and biometrics technologies, access control and security systems.

Laurea (MSc) in Physics and specialization in Subnuclear and astroparticle Physics.

Thesis degree in Solid State Physics. International Schools of Nanophotonics. I worked in field of Nanophotonics for microelectronics and in particular for a new type of Solar Cells.

Now, Marie Curie followship for as Doctoral Researcher at University of Birmingham and Researcher in a cutting edge company in the field of Hi-Tech coatings and in the research of "Atomic Nanocluster for deposition on plate or powder for for catalysis and sensing".

Interested in:

Vacuum and Sputtering Technology Ion and Plasma Surface Nanoscale Physics: Nanoclusters Thin Film for Hi-Tech Coatings

and of course in learning Mathematica.