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J Gregory Moxness
J Gregory Moxness
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Education: BSEE, University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, 1982

Career: Raytheon (Legacy Hughes Aircraft), Missile Systems (Retired)

Role: Chief Technologist, Sr. IT Fellow

Avocation: Theoretical Physics

Interests: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Art Hobbies: Photography (Creative, Nature, Astro). See my Flickr page.

I've always been technically inclined from my youth in both mechanical and electrical areas. When computers became available to students (mid '70s in high school) I was a finalist in a state competition by programing scrabble on a TTY with punch tape storage linked up to mainframe via 110 baud. In college years I created my own S100 bus system and created a college radio station from used (tube based) gear out of local station that had upgraded theirs.

I opted to go into an engineering career instead of doing math/physics in academia, but always longed to be able to get back to studying/researching. I knew the only way to really do that was to do it alone in my "spare time" which I started doing in the late '90s burning the midnight oil and retired early, which I did in 2014.

Here is a link to a blog post on some of this progress...