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One more option: PlotStyle -> {{Thickness[0.01], Blue}, {Thickness[0.02], Opacity[0.2], Green}, {Thickness[0.001], Opacity[0.9], Red}}] Regards,.... Jos
Hi Ted, Thanks for sharing. Regards,....Jos
Hello Raj, Thanks for your help. The code works perfectly with the two options. Beste Regards,....Jos
Dear Hans and Diego, Thanks for your information and help. Your proposals are brilliant. Note: My goal is to create a graph showing the severity of subjective brain spikes during the night (ratings scale 0...4). Best Regards and thanks again...
Dear Mrs Megha Narayanan, Thank you for your excellent work. I downloaded your code, but I get an error message every time I verify it. Can you help me out here? Error: $RecursionLimit: Recursion depth of 1024 exceeded during evaluation of...
Hello Rohit, Thanks for your quick reply and help. The code works perfectly now ! Best Regards,....Jos
Dear All, For your information only. See also [link description here][1] - Hyperlink: Regards,....Jos [1]:
Hi Gustavo, Thanks for your quick reply and help. I still got problems. When I moved the cursor now over the PlotMarkers, the whole range of data is highlighted. See screenshot Do you now why ??. ![enter image description here][1] ...
Dear Gianluca, Sorry, link is broken ! Regards,...Jos
Hi Icy, The nCov_dataset.wl code is alraedy attached by the a/m nb. code by Jofre Espigule-Pons, Wolfram Research. Regards,....Jos