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Thank you for the neat line of code.
Very clever and useful hack. Thank you for the code.
I need to generate a pulse train where the time duration of the pulse td
Try using DiscreteDelta instead
Thank you for your help on this problem. Your code works great, except the x-axis is logarithmic, similar to a Bode plot. I found that if you remove the ScalingFunctions statement, you will get the x-axis linear, and the y-axis linear in 10 decibel...
Hello, I get an answer of 0.5 using the code I attached to your earlier post. Are you sure you are setting the limits of integration correctly? In your first posting they are not set right.
Good Morning, The function NIntegate was spelt incorrectly in your file. Note that you also set the limits of the integration the same. I'm pretty sure you intended {t, -tper/2.0, tper/2.0}. Also, I often find in these kinds of problems using...