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You're welcome! BTW, in the template just below the Figure caption is a "Picture" cell with a placeholder image that is also non-editable. You can use the same methods to modify "Picture" cells (Method 1) or its style definition (Method 2).
Hi Omar, Assuming that you are using the aforementioned "Textbook" stylesheet, you made the modification outlined in my original comment, and the first cell in the Notebook is a "BookChapterNumber"-Cell, replace the first cell with following Cell...
That would be my expectation. But I'm not very familiar with Workbench. Can you do a test build to verify CellID preservation?
Hi Mark, just a minor correction. What I referred to as page size is actually the paper size. The dialog that sets the paper size is located in File > Printing Settings > Page Setup....
Hi Michael, Were you wanting the TraditionalForm look with limits above and below the summation, but as an inline cell? In that case, you will need to specify the cell option UnderoverscriptBoxOptions -> {LimitsPositioning -> False}. However, the...
Additionally, Alt-0 opens the Format > Style > Other... dialog. That allows you to type in a style name manually without unformatting the cell.
Nice demo. Thanks!
Are you asking for a style definition that assigns a unique CellTag to each cell of that style? I don't believe there is any way to assign CellTags via a style definition. Have you tried using AuthorTools to generate a table of contents?