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I have a collection of functions used in almost all my notebooks, e.g. volume of a n-dimensional sphere. Right now I type the definitions into every new notebook. Can someone please point me to the documentation on how to store the definitions on...
I am version 12.0 for Windows. I sent in a question on how to get to Version 12.1. Thanks for all of the help!!
Tried the wrappers. Worked great for small datasets. For large (500,000) datasets it was too slow. Had to go ahead and separate the data into multiple lists. The language R was the model.
Thank you!
Solution: The palettes should have been in a directory under the Front End directory. There were not there. There were palettes in my old 10.4 version under the Front End directory. I am able to use those. Problem solved.
I have a nice little palette. I want to add to my palette. When I open the palette it opens as a palette and not a notebook. This is indeed the correct action for palettes. Understanding that, How do I open my little palette as a notebook such...
Just installed. Works great. Will become part of my daily routine.
Thank you. This is a big time saver.
The computer time required to create  polynomials of degree 50 or larger over GF(2^8) are prohibitive.  Is there an efficient way to create these polynomials. I have an array of polynomial coefficients in the form of GF(2^8)  indexes. Something...