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Luiz Costa
Endless Energy Devices & Eaton Corp
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Believe it or not, I only learned about Mathematica in 2010 while teaching at Ferris State University in Michigan. I came across part of its power while looking for ways to deal with symbolic calculus and model based control systems design. I have Mathematica in my iPhone and iPad, and while working for the Aerospace Fuel and Motion Control System Division of Eaton Corp in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I have a lot of opportunities to explore Wolfram's resources in my system analysis efforts. In this application, Wolfram Alpha has been helpful. Obviously, if and when the company decides to purchase Wolfram licenses, many other opportunities will be explored.

Here is a little bit of my background.

Luiz Costa was born and raised in Brazil. He earned his Bachelor's and a Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarine (UFSC) in the City of Florianópolis, Santa Catrine, in the beautiful south of Brazil.

Even before Luiz decided to go to college, in his childhood, he had an engineering and inventive mind always concerned about solving technical problems while conserving resources with a constant interest in refurbishing, recycling, as well as innovation.

After finishing his Master's of Engineering he joined the faculty at the College of Engineering at UFSC and through that career he was awarded full scholarship to pursue his PhD in Control Systems design at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, when he made scientific contributions in the research field of Adaptive Control of Implicit Systems.

In the late 90s Luiz became a US Citizen were he works and lives with his core family for over 23 years.

During his professional life, Luiz has served in various engineering and academic roles. His main area of engineering interest remains the solution of problems through optimization methods. Areas of activities range from academe, to model based control systems analysis and design, to electric power distribution, to telecommunications engineering, computer programming and embedded systems, to aerospace systems engineering.

More detail of Luiz' academic and professional endeavors can be found in his LinkedIn profile: