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Does anyone have already experience in the costs involved in using the OpenAI and Wolfram Alpha setup? E.g., do you need to have the OpenAI pro license to use the API? I believe it's 20$ per month. Does the OpenAI API have a separate API cost? I mean...
When reinstalling windows or moving to a new laptop you can always reinstall Mathematica. I had to do it many times. Contact Wolfram support (or use chat mode) if above procedures described in this post do not help.
![enter image description here][1] [1]:
Hi David, I would be honoured. Glad we could help you out.
and the new notation : (x |-> x^2)[3]
That's great. I read Etienne's book and I really like it alot. I even had a colleague (no Mathematica knowledge) read it and he like it also very much. Very curious about your book!
Thanks for sharing! I wonder why Wolfram did not improve it themselves. I once logged a case about slowness and I don't think I'm the only one. Great work!
I always enjoy using Mathematica for serious and less serious work. Don't want to spend all time on finding the right python libraries and check there vitality etc when most absolutely necessary. I think Mathematica is fantastic and thoroughly enjoy...
Thx but that is not true alas. The latest post of march 1 is on the third place. Cleared my cache and this is the result. ![enter image description here][1] [1]:...
Really nice! And a lot of work!