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no john, if you will see this is not a block, but the modelica language script. the question is how in script i can allot a logic value '1' to a digital signal
thanks it worked why RAM takes so many equations and variables. it should be just a look up table
if i have got many components to be a part of my subsystem, how can i increase drawing area with grid of my model/project to accommodate all components.
you missed the point. idea was not normalization. it is just a multiplication. the harmonics and spurious came pronouncingly only in dB plot but not otherwise. however, i think when you develop next version you can debate of incorporating as part...
can somebody solve and describe me this error and under what circumstances it occurs. how to solve in this particular case ![simulation of DLATROM showing error][1] [1]: /c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=7234ans1.png&userId=320464
i ran your query in wolfram program cloud. see if it can help you. the output is also attached [1]: /c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=7243ans1.png&userId=320464
hi sir i am attaching the two files where i have tried simulating 2 by 2 ROM, both in binary and digital logic. it is giving me following error while running system modeler simulation centre ![error message][1] [1]:...
hi johan, I do not have latest system modeler 4.0.1, i have system modeler 4.0 but i think it will not matter. and also thanks for attaching the output plot but if you will notice, the input on data line is a pulse. the output should be pulse...
specifically boolean input port on reducing their size, the font size do not reduce. this causes problem in piling them.
hi david thankyou, it worked regards manu