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Marcel Pelletier
Wow! Thank you very much for choosing my work. Marcel
Bonjour Michael! Après avoir ouvert le document AstroLab.nb, il faut choisir "Evaluate Initialization Cells" sous l'onglet "Evaluation" . Le programme vous permettra d'entrer votre position terrestre ainsi que le choix d'heure avancée ou non. ...
Hi Ian! Thank you for your help.. In fact, I have a second question to you. I want to read the temperature "live" from the DHT11 with Mathematica. I also try to upload the Library for this but it is not working. This is the code: ...
Hi, Marcel, I posted this new code for the tangent line as a suggestion for you to post other pieces of code that you are using in the course. They may be useful for others in the Wolfram Community and the Community may suggest new solutions and...
Hi Tomas, I will try your technique. I like ***Mathematica*** for the fact that every body can do thing with a different technique! Thank you! Marcel Pelletier
Hi Bianca, Thank you very much for your help and your idea. Marcel.
Hi, Thank you for your help! Marcel
Thank you very much! This is what I want... Marcel
Hi, I made a correction in the function "RisingTrannsitSetting". So I post the new library. Marcel.
Hi, A new function to the package: PhasesOfTheMoon[{y,m,d}] Marcel.