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Matthew Fairtlough
Fairflow Systems Design Ltd
LOCATION: United Kingdom
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My training was in pure mathematics and I specialised in logic: recursive function theory and proof theory. I studied and taught the foundations of computing for 14 years at Edinburgh and Sheffield Universities. I now teach Mathematics as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University and I am developing a permaculture project on 11.5 acres of land near our home in Devon. I am studying for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

My goal is to use my knowledge of horticulture, mathematics and systems design to develop a life in community that is rewarding, sustainable and fun. I want to use action learning to develop and apply Permaculture in my life and work and to teach Permaculture principles and ethics.

Specialties Horticulture; Permaculture; Mathematics; Formal specification; programming in F#, Mathematica, Haskell and ML; software testing; teaching and training; publishing; ebooks.