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Mike Sollami
@MikayelEgibyan Well done! I think `BhattacharyyaLoss` would be nice to see in the function repo!
Nice project! I wanted to run your code, but there's many missing definitions, e.g. convolutionBlock, ArrayLayer, vocabulary, some .wlnet files etc.) do you think you can add them so it is runnable?
Sorry, never got it to work. But you might try again in a few years when "ONNX" is in `$ExportFormats`.
I've read all the threads in this lengthy post, and more replies keep coming in. This topic is very important, so I wanted to summarize it with a conclusion for all my fellow machine learners (and devs please correct me if I'm missing anything). ...
Ah, I posted before seeing your beautiful tutorial (somehow the paclet documentation didn't index until I restarted the front-end). All the examples in 'paclet:CSSTools/tutorial/CSSTools' work just fine! Here's the output of your tutorial example...
These shortcuts would only in Mathematica (if you configure them as above).
Does the shift-$ for latex input work yet?
Nice example, I really hope that generalized GAN training is supported in version 12!
Great post! The link to your dataset is broken though... Also, can you upload your wlnet so we can try it?
Did Aubrey provide his coloring function? Also, does this graph contains a Moser spindle?