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Michal Ramsza
Michal Ramsza
Warsaw School of Economics
LOCATION: Warsaw, Poland
BLOG: Not indicated

I am associate professor of economics at Warsaw School of Economics. I graduated as a mathematician (University of Warsaw, MSc) and later received my PhD from the Warsaw School of Economics.

I teach mathematics, mathematical economics, game theory and programing. My main research interests are largely related to game theory, complex adaptive systems, (machine) learning and applications in economics. I published in journals like International Journal of Game Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, Dynamic Games and Applications, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Physica A. I have, also, worked for banks, at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and taken part in other commercial projects.

I have been using Mathematica since version 3.0 for teaching and research. Most of my lectures feature interactive CDFs for students. As far as research is concerned I use Mathematica for mathematical modeling, numerical computations (mostly ODE/PDE) and simulations. Recently, I have used Mathematica machine learning algorithms and increasingly curated data.