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Milton K Benjamin
Barkley Group
LOCATION: Cherry Hill NJ
BLOG: Not indicated

Dr Benjamin got a BA in Mathematics and Physics from Brooklyn Coilege '63. Milt then got a SciD.. in mechanical engineering from Columbia University '69 Then Milt became a Professor at the College Of Staten Island for a number of years Then Milt left teaching and became a manager at Ebasco Services building Nuclear power Plants. Milt ran a department of almost 100 engineers and support personnel. Not able to get enough sleep while at Ebasco because of the workload, Milt left. Then Milt went to work in the Defense Industry (Locheed Martin) where he developed at least 2 problem domain specific programming languages using lex (a lexical analyzer) and yacc (a parser generator). In 2009 Milt went to work for The Barkley Group as Chief Engineer. developing Frameworks for writing and testing complex software . He is still at The Barkly Group where he uses Mathematica and CUDA compliant GPUs to speed up long running computer models for CDC.