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Mr Gustavo I'll be very thankful for your time I'd like to ask few more things I'm not able to convert this PolarMap function into ParametricPlot. Could you please help me out with this as well. Thanks in advance
Thanks a lot Marco I've found my desired result with your help. Regards
that is really good regards
I'm looking for help to create an n*1 matrix having this condition v1,v2,v3 for i=1 to i=3, VRng for i=4 to i=n-4 v4,v5,v6 for i=n-3, to i=n mean MatrixForm[v1,v2,v3,...VRng...,v4,v5,v6] f[x_] = -x; g[x_] = -(11 + 9 x + x^2...
Thanks a lot Mr Nasser its nice to see this approach but unfortunately, i'm not able to solve my problem with this. Regards
Thanks Daniel Regards
I'm really thankful to you Henrik it did help me a lot Regards
That is really grateful Henrik Thanks a lot
Thanks A lot ;)
hi I'm sorry for the late reply, but i have the code for this in Maple 17 and its working perfectly fine, but i want to switch over to mathematica p := 30; 30 X[0] := 1540.20; ...