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I want to display a expression-string as expression in its original Form. I tried the following: ![enter image description here][1] "ToExpression" in combination with "HoldForm" makes what I want, but in some cases it shows "-(-...)" as "--..."...
![enter image description here][1] [1]: /c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=Handschrift.png&userId=292817
Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, AspectRatio -> Automatic] OK?
Hello I'm trying to make a CDF to visualize the circles and angles of each wheels of a car driving a curve. The CDF works fine by using Mathematica or CDF-Player, but if I try to use i with a browser (Chrom or IE), then I have the problem, that...
Thx again Karsten for the hint with Insert-Menu! I tried to switch my keyboard-layout to german, but it doesnt work for me. But its not a big Problem, with the "Insert-Menu" I have now an alternative way, if I need this feature.
Thanks a lot Karsten! This helped me! I tried always "v Ctrl+_ i", didn't have the Idea, that "v" and "i" have to be two different Strings!