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Problem Solved! Thank you! The solution that have posted works wonderfully! Cheers!
Yes, Thank you for the reply, it has helped a lot. What I am actually trying to show is a plot of the pdf, that has the mean and standard deviations labeled. (Perhaps with lines drawn from the x-axis to those points on the curve.) Thanks again!
Solved! Well sort of... It works for me. If anyone can think of a better solution, I'd be glad to hear it. In the mean time I'll post mine below. [mcode]Clear["Global`*"] Species = {A, B, c}; sol = ParametricNDSolve[{     A'[t] == -ka*A[t],     B'[t]...
You should start the notebook with the line: Clear["Global`*"] However this will clear all open notebooks, if you do not want this make sure to turn off dynamic updating under the Evaluation tab. I believe that this is Mathematica syntax for "clear...
Great, Thanks for the suggestions!
Great! I will try this approach. Thanks!
Thank You!