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Gilmar Rodriguez-Pierluissi
The Wolfram Language Mathematica program contained in notebook "JoinAcross-Counties-Adjacent Counties-Cities.nb" takes a list of Florida counties (and their respective adjacent counties) and performs a JoinAcross with another list of Florida...
@ Mor Bo (01/04/2019) I see that Dr. Neil Singer was the author of "TickingClock.nb" but, my request about the eta2412 file still holds. Thank you! Gilmar Rodriguez-Pierluissi
Thank you for your beautiful Xmas card Vitaliy!
Yes, indeed! FindInstance[ x^3 + 109 x^2 + 224 x - y^2 == 0 && x > 0 && y > 0, {x, y}, Integers] gives {x,y}= {4,5} as a solution. I didn't know that RandomSeeding was available for FindInstance. Thank you sharing your solution Mariusz!
Please, read the following article to appear in next month's issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society: Thank you!