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Pedro Cabral
Terrific! I'll definitely use this Paclet on my next projects!
I can confirm that this bug also occurs on **13.0.0** for Linux (64-bit), see this attached screenshot: ![bug][1] [1]:
Hello Julia! In order for you to work with data from the BDQueimadas national database, you will need to request data from this link: [][1] Google Translate should help you through,...
I loved the implementation! It even fits into 196 characters! Absolutely impressive.
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Hello Raymond! ![documentation of Select][1] According to the [documentation][2], **Select[...]** takes two arguments, a "list" and a criteria "crit" that must be a function. Why? Because every single item from the list will be applied for the...
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Hello everyone! I'm trying to connect to a service that uses [Websockets (RFC 6455)][1], specifically, *Secure Websockets*, that work over `HTTPS` (this information will be useful later). I've tried many ways of doing so, first, using a...
*Wow!* It used to be a **programming kata** back then..!
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