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Nice site. Thanks!
Beautiful simulation, Jeff! As an astronomer and Mathematica enthusiast, it warms my heart :-)
I agree with Murray. Wolfram needs to clarify the differences among these products. It is very confusing. Please strip away the obfuscation and find a way to clearly define each product and service and explain concisely what differentiates each from...
Great first post! Congratulations!
Fascinating! Thanks, Marco!
As an astrophysicist, sailplane pilot, and long-time Mathematica enthusiast, this application of the Wolfram Language is particularly interesting to me. By the way, Mike used a UFM-13 Lambada motorglider, technically not an airplane, for this...
Wonderful! First class job! One of the best posts I've seen here!
You'll find instructions for locating your activation key at or by selecting 'Support & Learning' a the top of the Wolfram home page and choosing 'Support FAQ."
Wow! Very nice. I'm continually surprised by the breadth of applications for which the Wolfram language is ideally suited.
I listened to an version of the book last year and was thoroughly enthralled. Author Andy Weir did a marvelous job of researching the relevant science. The movie exceeded my expectations. IMHO, the movie makers did a masterful job of...