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Abrita, Values[Normal[...]] didn't work for me but interchanging them worked fine (at least there were no errors flagged by mma).I am somewhat confused by the results though.Based on my interpretation it appears that based on the test results, the...
Devendra, There is a typo in the answers provided for the 9th question in quiz 3.See 3rd multiple choice answer from the top. Best Regards, Rajeev
Abrita, For Quiz 2 Problem 8, it appears that the auto grader considers an incorrect answer (as per the documentation) as correct. Can you please confirm. Rajeev
The function works after a fashion but am slightly confused about how spacing works in graphics row.To make matters worse, I seem to be able to select and drag the image to achieve whatever spacing I desire. Perhaps you can advise on what is lacking....
What's the procedure for adding a notebook? A list of steps will be appreciated. Thanks, Rajeev
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