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Roberto Catanuto
High School Teacher
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I've been helping people to learn across a wide spectrum of age, grades and subjects, from 1998.

In public and private sectors, schools, after-school centers, 1-to-1 tutoring, competitions and exhibitions, my core goals are summarized as: you want to learn and I'm here to create an environment where you can thrive and grow your personal abilities.

I've helped children learning Robotics and Programming, young students learning Mathematics and Physics, young adults learning basics of ICT tools and finally adults learning how to deal with modern technological instruments and how their children use them.

My first interest is teaching students how to learn thinking Mathematically, which is more than learning Mathematics to pass an exam. It's a life essential skill.

My main interests are: differentiated learning, Mathematics Learning and Computational Thinking, collaborative learning, constructionism, the maker movement.

Feel free to connect if you want to talk about any of the above.