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Thanks again. Some additional experiments with data where the mean moves away from 1000 illustrate the interaction between PValue, the significance level, and the conclusion of the TTest with respect to rejection of the null hypothesis. &[Wolfram...
Problem 5 is stated as: "Consider a zoo visitor who arrives less than three hours before closing. How likely is that person to be able to stay for more than an hour?" What we have calculated by Probability[17
Thanks for your response. This will take a bit more thinking on my part!
Interesting. I will have to take a closer look at this.
Juergen is correct. The quiz I referred to is in the online collection of course materials. Sorry for creating confusion!
&[Wolfram Notebook][1] Here is an example of a plot with two curves and legends. I think this is what you are trying to do but I can't be entirely sure. It seems to me you are doing the right thing (i.e. you have PlotLegends within each plot...