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Jamel Saadaoui
Jamel Saadaoui
University of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRS
LOCATION: Strasbourg
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I am a teacher and researcher in social sciences interested in various topics related to international economics. During my leisure time, I sometimes write on Probability, Philosophy, Economics, and other topics with a macro perspective. My research is currently focused on the future of the European Union and more generally on the future of the international monetary system.

Since 2013, I am a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Strasbourg, and I am affiliated to the BETA-CNRS for my research activities. In my teaching and pedagogical activities, I teach Economics and Statistics at the Faculty of Economics and Management, FSEG, of the University of Strasbourg. Besides, I have been an elected member of the National Council of Universities since 2016. I co-organize the Cournot Seminar, the main seminar of the BETA-Strasbourg since 2020. Recently, I have been elected to the board of trustees of the University of Strasbourg.