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Sabrina Giollo
Sabrina Giollo
Information Technology and Services
LOCATION: Vicenza, Italy
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I graduated in mathematics at University of Padua. I used Mathematica for some projects, labs and lectures about prime numbers, fractals, coverings, cryptography and dynamical systems. I've always been impressed by the power and the usefulness of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha. My bachelor's degree thesis was about iterated functions systems and fractals, which I generated with Mathematica. My master degree thesis was about optimization, operative research and variational inequalities. In particular, I tried to modify and improve an existing algorithm, called DIRECT, for finding more accurate solutions of variational inequalities. I've just finished an internship for an IT company, duringh which I developed a software for projects management and workflow. I attended the Wolfram Science Summer School 2016 and developed a project about image colorization through neural networks. I like creating handmade jewelry and I'm a church volunteer educator.