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Sean Clarke
This is probably because of a Google Drive bug. It [changes modified timestamps]( It should never do that.
Pedro, I just posted a question regarding interfacing Mathematica with microstation. I'd like to import the lines and nodal points of a microstation file into Mathematica. Can you help with this?
Again Thanks Rohit -- I am two thirds of the way there, for some reason EntityClass would not take nine of the company names provided by FinancialData, By chance is there another way??? d = FinancialData["^DJI", "Members"] dd =...
Yes! Thank you for your speedy reply Rohit.
Thank you very much for the replies.
Some serious thread resurrection here, but Sean — am I correct to understand from your documentation quote and example that only a limited number of test functions are supported, and that more general tests are not? *E.g.*, I couldn't do something...
Yes, DatabinRemove was itself removed (Actually it still works, we just don't guarantee that it will in the future). The original model for the datastructure was append-only and they decided that it was a mistake to deviate from it. The reason...
What about the wolfram python client libraries? Does this require a pro account? I am looking for a getting started guide with wolfram cloud and the python library.
The software is [Mathematica](, the language is [Wolfram Language](