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Awesome!! Thanks..
Hi All, I want to find dominant eigenvalue using Power Method. I could not figure out how to find number of iteration.. Is there anyway to count number of output after run the code? This is my code to solve the problem that attached (power...
Hi Daniel, I used what you said and attached it. But it is soooo fast!!! why is that? Thank you so much.. Selahittin..
I used Length[] and I got 28 that is what I am looking for.. Thanks again..
This is it.. Thanks a lot Christopher and thanks the other repliers , you saved my life.. Selahittin..
what is your max value.. and what are the parameter values? you can just upload nb code, intead of copying and pasting..
I have come up with new version of my code. Man this is much much faster. It takes a Just second..
Show[{Plot[x^2, {x, -1, 1}], ListPlot[Table[{x, 2 x}, {x, 0, 1, .1}]],    Graphics[{Circle[]}]   }]I gues this is the right one..[mcode]Plot[x^2, {x, -1, 1}, Epilog -> {Inset[ListPlot[Table[{x, 2 x}, {x, 0, 1.1}]]],   ...
I am sorry I forgot to add the link, I edited my question..
Thanks. I have found a way to do that. I have added table in plot code..[mcode]Table[ParametricPlot3D[   Evaluate[Table[{i*h, t,      First[Subscript[u, i][t] /. lines /. A]}, {i, 0, n}]], {t, 0,    1000}, PlotRange -> All,   AxesLabel ->...