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I managed to place the docked bar, in my Stylesheet, using the following expression: CreateDocument[ Notebook[{Cell[StyleData[StyleDefinitions -> "Default.nb"]], Cell[StyleData[All, "Working"], DockedCells -> ...
&[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
Hello Henrik, thanks for your attention. This procedure replaces all markers. I'm creating a routine to replace just a few specific markers.
Thanks for your tip Takashi. It also works with the ConvexHullMesh[points] function. Regards, sinval
Hello Mariusz, thanks for your attention. I copied and ran the command below and it didn't work. In[2]:= Import["C:\\Program Files\\Wolfram \ Research\\Mathematica\\13.0\\Documentation\\English\\System\\\ ExampleData\\Cylinder.dxf"]...
The layout looks great. It's also nice using the Grid function instead of Row. I am grateful for the attention Gustavo.
Rohit I am grateful for the information.
Thank you for your response and attention Gustavo.
Hi Rohit I am grateful for the response and attention.
This worked. Thanks for listening. Regards, Sinval