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Thank you! Do you know any workaround? - I really need to get it working...
Great suggestion, Pieter. Do you think it would be easy to use Google's FusionTables from Wolfram? Sincerely, Stas
Hi, is there any way to SendMessage[] to Twitter from the Wolfram Cloud? The example from the documentation does not seem to work from the cloud... Thank in advance, Stas
Hi, Wolfram Cloud doesn't seem to support many browsers currently in use. For example, I have issues with filling web-forms (FormFunction[]) when using Internet Explorer 9,0. I wonder if Wolfram Research keeps a list of supported browsers, so I...
Hi, The default value of $CharacterEncoding in the Wolfram Programming Cloud is ISO8859-1. I would like to change it to UTF8. How can I set this value? Thanks in advance, Stas
Thank you, Chad! This does answer my question.
This example deploys a notebook. I hope this helps. nbexpr=Notebook[{Cell["Manipulate[Plot[Sin[n x],{x,0,6}],{n,1,10}]","Input"], Cell["Manipulate[Plot[Cos[n x],{x,0,6}],{n,1,10}]","Input"]}]; CloudExport[nbexpr,"NB","Manipulate"]