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Dear, How can I use programming cloud to deploy my cdf file? or how can I use programming cloud with cdf flie? and where Can I learn how to code with programming file (book)? thanks, Ana Squadri
Dear, Is there another way to CloudDeploy text as the following example? I have tried to use the command Format but I did no know how to use it to deploy. Example: CloudDeploy[ExportForm[Style["Esse é um tese de texto",Red,25],"GIF"]] ...
Dear, Reading my Wolfram Programming Cloud plan I had some doubts: a) what does it mean "5000 cloud credits/month"? b) what does it mean "Wolfram Alpha API calls : 500/month"? Could you help me? Thank you, Antonio Squadri
Thank you very much
Dear, I have tried to create an 3x3 array from dark to light green using the Image command. I know how to create this array using ArrayPlot but I need an image in order to create a 3D image from a stack of images with Image3D (see the attached...