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How I can use mathematica to get the answer of this question (Using the Runge-Kutta method of order 2 solve x'(t) = -x (t) + t^0.1 (1.1+t) x (0)=0 whose solution is , x(t)=t^1.1 solve the question on [0,5] printing...
What is the largest prime Mathematica can evaluate ?? by using PrimeQ[ ] ![no evaluation for 2^13466917-1][1] [1]:
can we use mathematica to prove theorems?? I am studying elementary number theory and I have a lot of theorems need to proof and some questions how mathematica can help?? thanks in advance
Hello , how we can find the orthogonal trajectories by mathematica ? I want to find it to x^2 +y^2=c y ,thanks in advance
What is the different between Expand and Simplify ?
Can we add an Internet link to Mathematica 7 or any link ? Can I add a video or picture ?
Hi, I have a project I must do so I want 10 commands using Mathematica 7 in statistic.