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Exercise 2.3.1 / 2.3.3 / 2.3.4 I get exactly the same solution as the expected solution. The solution check answers always with "Try again". What i am doing wrong?
Hi Sergio - thanks. That was what i was looking for. RTFM helps more often than not.
Import["hoffmann_ohno.mp4", "FrameCount"] 626 vid = Video["hoffmann_ohno.mp4"]; vidFrames = VideoExtractFrames[vid, All]; Length[vidFrames] 627 Are there 626 frames or 627 frames?
Hi Cassidy! When i follow the link given in the last session, i just get files about Mathematica 12.1 (and what's new in version 12.1). I don't find any files about WSM. Did you give the wrong link by chance?
If you read data from the GPS using DeviceReadBuffer, the last or first NMEA sentence is not read completely: sometimes the first parts are not read and sometimes the last parts are not read. Of course a filter removes all these broken sentences. But...