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Branko Urosevic
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My name is Branko. My background is in Theoretical Physics and Finance (have PhDs from Brown in Phyics and from Berkeley in Finance). Until I started working with Mathematica I was mostly a theoretician. Now, I am increasingly using data both in my lectures and in research.

For the past 3 years I teach Economics, Operations Research and Finance using Mathematica (in English and Serbian). It is great fun. All our classes are fully interactive and happen in Mathematica lab. All tests are done in Mathematica as well.

Using Mathematica enabled me to really make concepts much more clear, to find good geometrical interpretation of concepts that previously I just introduced algebraically etc.

I give students little Mathematica challenges to create short demos on various Finance and Economics concepts and for those that show creativity in that I give extra credit.

Overall, Mathematica for me is a life changer. I now think in terms of Mathematica when I think of problems to solve. it is super fun. I am working hard on creating interactive lecture notes in advanced finance using Mathematica. Still trying to figure out what would be the best way to share them globally while keeping the copyright.

Hopefully see you at one of Wolfram events.