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Graham Van Goffrier
Graham Van Goffrier
University College London
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Graham Van Goffrier is in the first year of his particle theory PhD at University College London, where he studies neutrino mass models, neutrinoless double-beta decay, and the application of machine learning to fundamental physics. His recent research interests have included geometric optimization on matrix manifolds, visualizations of string theory, and construction of surrogate models for tritium breeding in fusion reactors.

‚Äč Graham grew up in the Boston area and is an alumnus of the University of Maine, where he earned his BS in Physics and MS in Electrical Engineering. He relocated to the UK in 2018 to study for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge, discovering the extent of his passion for uncovering the fabric of reality through fundamental physics. In his free time, Graham enjoys figure skating, sci-fi novels, eating too much take-away, and trying his luck in amateur theatre.