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Noemi Chulo
LOCATION: San Rafael, California
WEBSITE: Not indicated
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Noemi is a rising Senior at San Rafael High in San Rafael, California. She's a huge nerd in general, but especially when it comes to theoretical mathematics and formal logic. She's obsessed with the concept of infinity, and hopes to study it more in depth in the future. She's also a passionate artist, and is interested in the mathematical aspects of composition and color theory. Outside of school, she enjoys fencing, specifically sabre and epee. Her experiences in going to mostly low income schools have made her a strong advocate for more equality in education, especially in STEM. She is interested in making the education of computational thinking more equitable, accessible, and relevant to students of all financial backgrounds and of all career paths. She enjoys politics, and wants to help make the world a more fair place. She hopes to implement her passion and love for mathematics and STEM in general into her humanitarian interests.