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William Turkel
William Turkel
Western University, Ontario, Canada
LOCATION: London, Ontario, Canada

Wolfram Innovator Award Winner

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I’m a Professor of History at The University of Western Ontario in Canada. My research involves computational history, big history, and science and technology studies (STS) with a focus on methods. In my work, I often use historical experimentation and reverse engineering to create material objects, typically drawing on mechanical design, 3D printing, and electronics or minimal computing. I teach undergraduate courses on global 21st century history, structured intelligence analysis and the history of espionage and digital research methods, and a graduate course on interactive exhibit design. My open access, open content and open source textbook Digital Research Methods with Mathematica can be downloaded from this site. I am the author of Spark from the Deep (JHU 2013) and The Archive of Place (UBC 2007), and am a member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada (2018-25).