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Very interesting - i was using 11. I have 12 on another machine so will try - thanks.
Hi Apologies if this has been asked before (I can't see how to search a forum) but can anyone shed light on why there is delay of 5 seconds at least between pressing the play button and the sound playing? Just using SoundNote[] call.
It might be easier if the mountain came to Mohamed - Wolfram should write its own browser - yeah seriously!! There's plenty of kits out there.
It seems we are now in a situation where Firefox, Safari and probably Opera also don't work. The point is that Wolfram have benefited from adopting a publisher/ curator role for these contributions - for example giving guidance as to how they can...
This would certainly be very useful - for example it would save me translating all my mathematica cdc into javascript and into html widget for iBooks !!
I can still see three problems: (1) There is a concern that people accessing my work might start costing me money. Wolfram Cloud costs does it not? (2) There is still no iPhone/ iPad front end. (3) Most of my work, and I would have thought...
Sorry to be a bit ignorant but how do I get up the source for this- it works fine.
I'm replying to your reply for my request for info on documentation. I don't think the links you put in are what you meant ...or at least the second link ...they both just go to resources.
Have a scan back on the Wolfram CDF player forum - it wasn't my post but I came across it.
Trying to construct a graph of URL s and then convert to SVG. This works fine till I convert to SVG - surely the conversion should maintain the URL functionality? LayeredGraphPlot[{Hyperlink["Wolfram Research, Inc.", ...