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It works. Thank you.
Thank you very much. Very nice.
Is it possible that changing initial boundary conditions fi(0) (i=1..n) will affect the stability of a fixed point in an ODE, when the stability is based on the linearization of the ODE. I would say the answer is no. The reason is that when you...
Clear["Global`*"] eq[x] = f'[x] == 1/x s[x] = DSolve[eq[x], f[x], x] Print[Evaluate[s[1]]] Evaluate[eq[1]] How to evaluate a function at 1? The code does not produce a number.
Thank you
If I need to display only one small dot in a line, what should I do? Thanks.
list1 = {} list1 = Append[list1, {1, 2}] For[i = 1, i {"x", "y"}] Print[i] ] It does not print a graph. Is there a way to make it print twice? Thanks.
a = x == 4 b = x == y^2 Solve[a && b, {x, y}] has solution {{x -> 4, y -> -2}, {x -> 4, y -> 2}} How can I store {4,-2} and {4,2} into a list? Thanks.
Sorry. I do not understand why it had the error massage. Could you tell me how to get rid of it?
This is from a book GraphicsGrid[{{g11a, Show[ Plot[1.25`-0.5590169943749475` Sqrt[5.`-16.` Re[y]],{y,-3.3, 0.3125}, PlotRange-> All, Ticks->{ {-3, -2, -1},{-3, -2, -1, 1, 2, 3}}], Plot[1.25`+0.5590169943749475`...