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Hi Martijn, Thanks very much for confirming the improvement.
This is an unexpected behavior. The bug has been filed and will be fixed in the next version.
Other than the CapForm and JoinForm setting which makes memory consumption difference, the "TubePoints" setting {5, 1} is an invalid specification which causes data cache invalidation all the time. Use {5, 2} instead will improve the rotation...
@Sander Huisman, Thanks very much for the feedbacks. We take it seriously and are working on 3D performance optimization now.
There is a bug introduced in 10.4 on Windows version when ViewAngle is specified. I am expected that this issue will be fixed in the next release.
You can force  BSP-Trees rendering by using Style[..., RenderingOptions -> {"Graphics3DRenderingEngine" -> "BSPTree"}] [mcode]A = -100 + (5 dt)/(11 alpha^2 (alpha - Surd[alpha^3 - (1387 dt)/106480, 3])); Style[Show[Plot3D[A, {alpha, 0.5, 2}, {dt, 0,...