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Virtual Conference for STEM Educators!

Posted 11 years ago
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Wolfram will be hosting a FREE Virtual Conference for STEM Education September 17th. During the conference there are two tracks to choose from, one dedicated to enhancing your current classroom and the other focused on current trends to transform your curriculum. Our virtual conference interface lets you join talks from either track. Learn how to create interactive materials for your math course, how to explain physical phenomenon with demonstrations, use our mobile solutions in your classroom and much more!

We'll also be talking about products that haven't even been released yet! You have to come and check it out!

Use this thread for:
  • questions that you have about the conference
  • comments about Wolfram tech in education
  • questions for the conference's live Q&A
  • follow-up questions to the conference
If your questions didn't get answered during the Q&A, post it here and get it answered by the presenters! We'll be monitoring the thread.

To see the full schedule and to register for the event, visit the conference page. Can't wait to see you all there!

POSTED BY: Adriana O'Brien
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Posted 11 years ago
Does the Mathematica Online support loading data from my local computer? If that's possible, what is the size limit of that data?
POSTED BY: xslittlegrass *
Posted 11 years ago
Currently you can upload files to your user directory.  The file limit should show on the upload dialog. 
POSTED BY: John Pacey
Hi everyone!
Special thanks to those of you that joined me for my talk Bring Basic Math to Life through Visual Learning. During the Q&A I talked about several resources that I wanted to post here.

Wolfram Education Portal: Here is the Wolfram Education Portal that combines all of our technologies into one interactive site.
Mathematica Educator Resources: Here is a huge database of Wolfram resources that educators can use in the classroom. It has featured Demonstrations and courseware appropriate for precollege material.
US CCSS aligned Demonstrations: Here is our page that has Demonstrations aligned to US Common-Core State Standards. You can explore and browse through stanards to find appropriate materials for your classroom.
POSTED BY: Adriana O'Brien
Posted 11 years ago
I'm excited to show off some features of the Wolfram Cloud Platform and get some feedback.
POSTED BY: John Pacey
I'm looking forward to sharing Learning on the Go: Mobile Apps for Education on September 17th.

Join me for an introduction on bringing Wolfram|Alpha applications to the classroom environment. I look forward to your thoughts and discussion around this topic


POSTED BY: Angela Sims
I am very excited for the opportunity to share some of the capabilities of Mathematica to produce interactive physics demonstrations. I was inspired as an undergrad to continue my physics education through a PhD by the beauty and simplicity of the dynamic visualizations possible using Wolfram's technology. It is a great honor to share these tools with fellow educators to inspire the next generation of budding physicists!
  • Have you ever wanted to show a student the real-time relationship between potential and kinetic energy for a projectile in a uniform gravitational field?
  • Have you ever waved your hands in the air trying to explain why a vector's components don't change upon translation, wishing they could see the simple picture in your head?
  • Have you ever thought that a 30 minute lecture on quantum coherent states could be accomplished in 5 minutes if your students had magic wavefunction viewing goggles?
We'll make a demonstration of each of these concepts in Mathematica, plus we'll explore the vast collection of free-to-use interactive modules available through the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

We'll also explore the application to physics education of the many emerging Wolfram technologies, covered in detail during other presenters in this conference.

I plan to showcase the huge variety of resources available for educators, with and without a programming background, to enhance their students' engagement in physics.
I really love this stuff and I'm sure you will too!
POSTED BY: Kyle Keane
I'm excited to show off our forthcoming Wolfram Calculator iPad app in public for the first time... Can't wait to hear everyone's great questions and feedback!

Here's a sneak peak:
POSTED BY: Dan Newman
Hey, Dan, that's very intriguing! I can't wait to see what you've got hidden behind the splash screen. 

Just one thing though - I don't think Sir Jony Ive will be pleased with your rich dark'n'shiny traditional look - isn't the new iOS 7 style a bit more like this?

emoticon But seriously - looking forward to seeing what you folks are getting up to!
POSTED BY: C ormullion
Just one thing though - I don't think Sir Jony Ive will be pleased with your rich dark'n'shiny traditional look - isn't the new iOS 7 style a bit more like this? 
Ha! I just can't see folks getting behind a day-glo spikey, but you never know... emoticon
POSTED BY: Dan Newman

So what happened to the Wolfram Calculator — it looked good in the demo?

Happy Birthday, Wolfram Calculator, wherever you are... :)

POSTED BY: C ormullion
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