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Structural analysis based on Wolfram Mathematica

Posted 11 years ago
Any questions concerning add-on Timo Structural are welcome!
POSTED BY: Sergey Orlov
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Glad to meet you Vitaliy. With pleasure will share Timo history.

1. Having 11 years experience of lecturing structural analysis, mechanics of materials and theory of elasticity we tried to make software as easy to use as possible. Timo is interactive means that probably all construction mounting process operations are provided by simple mouse clicking within scene. It works from simple beam till complex 3D framing of industry level. Timo start perception time is near 0. So, Timo is for students and innovative lecturers in structural mechanics.

2. Timo is free of FEA/FEM approaches thanks to Wolfram Mathematica Engine (WME) power. It is start point of our innovations. There are no CAE (computer aided engineering) specific systems in the world that work without FEA algorithms. As a first result it gives most accurate diagrams of all internal factors in 3D framing system like shear forces, bending moments, deflections, stretching forces, stresses and so on. So, Timo is for researchers and engineers.

3. Our independent testers worked hard at verification of Timo and one of such non trivial task solution is presented here (Timo and Autodesk Robot Structural). As Timo is analytic system it means absence of rounding errors cascade within physical model.

4. Our clients’ researches are closed for sharing but we are working at some signed samples sharing. For example, Timo works with framings like this

P.S. Why Wolfram Mathemtica Engine?
At start point of our investigations we were in doubt concerning time of numeric set of equations solution process. The first tests with large sets of equations are shown that WME is unique universal engine #1. Suitors of numeric FEM systems can be opposed to relatively slow calculation process in universal systems but we are sure that time of calculations (5sec or 1 min) is not so important as quality and universal character of research. With our new technology we will demonstrate it.

I am personally and our team is in deep sympathy with implementation WRI ideas concerning new generation learning process. If I understand what is integration/differentiation internally I must think by categories of results of 100-1000 acts of such operations by new level of perception and designing! Timo based on WME does this assistant work. 
POSTED BY: Sergey Orlov
Welcome to Wolfram Community, Sergey! According to your profile you are CEO and Founder of the company that produces Timo Structural. Could you list a few practical cases where you see Timo Structural to be a good tool to use? Are there any interesting cases you used it for yourself?
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Posted 11 years ago
The design in the above picture is awesome and it seems that you have applied the best structural engineering concept to build this. I am not from an engineering background still i can say that the architecture is like a very big dome and can be easily used for big auditoriums and theatres.
POSTED BY: Peter Adams
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