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Create search indices for custom documentation pages?

Posted 4 years ago
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This was already asked on M.SE

I have a Mathematica package which uses a custom documentation page that is not built from source notebooks using Wolfram Workbench. Such doc pages are supported. I use a custom format for two reasons: 1. lack of time to write full documentation 2. I am concerned that a future version of Workbench will break "official style" documentation, and won't allow for creating pages that work across several Mathematica versions (say 10.0–12.0, when 12.0 is released). It is already necessary to use hacks to make sure that v10.0 documentation looks good in v11.1.

I would like to make my package's documentation searchable, so that searching for certain keywords in the documentation centre will return it. How can I do this?


I already have a solution that satisfies the first requirement, but not the second one. If I install IGraph/M 0.3.91, v11.2 will try to convert its indices every single time I try to search the documentation. Thus its indices must be broken somehow, and I do not know how to generate correct ones.

You will find a minimal example of a package with a custom documentation page in the M.SE thread. It works in 10.0-11.1, but 11.2 won't correctly convert the indices. How can I fix this?

I posted a potential solution to this over at Mathematica.SE. For now, I won't re-post it here as it may change, depending on feedback. If you are interested in the topic, do check there.

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