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[✓]  Search within the Wolfram Community?

Posted 11 months ago
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Sorry für that stupid question: I cannot find how to search within the community. As an example, I want to find all discussions which are concerned with the WL-function Maximize.

How to do that?

3 Replies

I think that the search functionality within the community is not working. The only way is to use google, I guess. Search terms "Maximize" do show some articles.

The same can be achieved programmatically by:

WebSearch[{"Maximize", ""}, Method -> "Google", MaxItems -> 10]

enter image description here

Best wishes,


Posted 11 months ago

Sorry, Marco, for answering so late. Your search-hint with Google solves my little problem. Thanks a lot.

Strange enough that Wolfram cannot search its own community-database.

Wolfram Community guidelines tell "Under Construction" for search and are not really helpful.

Wolfram Community guidelines have a whole section explaining the search:

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