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[GiF] Disks all the way down

Posted 4 years ago
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A non-mathematica friend of mine had an idea for this endless 3D animation, where the third dimension is simulated with 2D graphics, and I just coded it up:

enter image description here

Note the use of bit-wise logic ;)

    g[z_] := Module[{fs,w,n,m,x,y,c},
    If[z>0, For[
       w = (1/z*4000.); c = (Clip[#,{0,1}]&)/@({w/4/255,w/2/255,w/255,0.95}); fs = RGBColor@@c; i = z*z*2, 
       n = Mod[i,z]; m=IntegerPart[i/BitOr[z,0]]; i>0, i--;
          {x, y} = {(n-Mod[t,2]-1.)*w, (Sin[t]+m-1.)*w};
          Sow @ {fs, Disk[{x,y}, w/2.5]};
       ]]; Check[Reap[g[36]][[2,1]], {}]
Manipulate[Graphics[f[t], Axes -> False, Background -> Black, 
  PlotRange -> {{0, 1600}, {0, 1200}}, ImageSize -> 500], {t, 0, 2 \[Pi], .2}]

But any shape will do:

enter image description here

Happy New Years!

2 Replies

Really neat! Reminds me of the Fete des lumieres logo from 2016:

enter image description here

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