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[Reddit-DiBB0118] RadarChart for each algae species

Posted 6 years ago

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enter image description here


This is a response to the [CALL] Reddit DataViz Battle JAN2018: Visualize the Growth Rates of Algae:


I was thinking about applying the RadarChart package too, as in here, but I thought it would be better if for each specie there is a separate radar chart.

sdata = MapThread[
   Prepend, {Transpose[
     SortBy[Transpose[Rest /@ data], {#[[2]], #[[1]]} &]], 
    First /@ data}];

  RadarChart[{Join[#[[2 ;; 5]], {0, 0, 0, 0}], 
     Join[#[[6 ;; -1]], {0, 0, 0, 0}]}, PlotLabel -> #[[1]], 
    Filling -> Axis, AxesLabel -> sdata[[1, 2 ;; 5]], 
    PlotStyle -> {Red, Blue}, 
    ChartLegends -> {sdata[[2, 2]], sdata[[2, 6]]}] &, 
  sdata[[3 ;; -1]]], 5]


enter image description here

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