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"Wolfram" . . . and Mathematics. Are there two "Kernels"?

Posted 4 years ago
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Yes you read that correctly. I am a long time user of various CAS software's. This is by far the most expensive and advanced I have ever owned. It has not taken me long to master some of the basic stuff like calculating, plotting and solving. But I always stay offline and just work with math and code. I have never really (until now) explored the online "Wolfram" input language or whatever. Now that I have, is this correct . . .?

Along with the computer algebra power of Mathematica comes a new idea of internet data and already existing mathematics that can simply be point and clicked on. We call it internet math. One can simply have a basic idea of how a math formula, equation or concept might look, and type it in to the "Wolfram language" in plain every day language. From there the "Wolfram language" scans the internet web and about 3 million lines of code (which I think means the "Kernel" to determine what the user means and then put things into a more mathematical form. The worlds first live internet mathematical "commercial". That is how I see it. Pretty cool in most cases. I just tried the chemical data (I'm a chemist) and all kinds of things showed up from the internet.

Is this basically correct? Suppose a person can not quite plot a cosine or log function but knows approximately how to SAY it. "Wolfram" handles the rest?

3 Replies

Can you explain yourself better. To me, it sounds as if you are confusing Mathematica with Wolfram|Alpha. Wolfram|Alpha takes natural language input by default, and then uses Mathematica under the hood to compute results. Mathematica, while it has the ability to take natural language input, is a 'proper' programming language, with specific syntax.

Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica are two different things -- or rather Wolfram|Alpha is a different product built on the computational abilities of Mathematica. The Wolfram Website has a lot of information about this.

Posted 1 year ago

George, I can explain myself. It has been two years. I am calm, brilliant, and I have seen Wolfram. He has five billion lines of code and no hair. Python (/.) and Wolfram [ _ ] have met and I was there. Together [ import.excel ] we found my old friend Excel. Mathcad prime showed up. I was hoping she would be there because Wolfram found this := and wants that back = = . A great argument was about to happen so that --> rules can be made. Someone suggested we call Turbo Pascal since they know C++ but Java returned in traditional form.enter image description here

I began on this thing here.

Posted 4 years ago

George, That is a start. I will make a better attempt to formulate my question and re post. Thanks

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