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Read/Edit a notebook written in Mathematica 7.0?

Posted 7 months ago
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Hello! How can I translate a long page written by Wolfram Notebook Mathematica Code 7.0? Picture of the beginning of the code is included in this post. I downloaded Wolfram CDF Player Trial but I have a Viewer plan and it's functionality seems limited.

I am in a Scientific Research Program and need to translate this code somehow! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much,

Please email me at LD123@ME.COM (yes, it's a real email address.)


Code Intro


4 Replies

you can install Mathematica 11 Trial?

I will try this thank you!

I am not sure what you mean by "translate the code".

You need Mathematica to be able to open and edit the document, and to run the code. The cloud version should also work. You can get a free account with some restrictions.

The CDF player should work to view the code, I believe, but not to run or edit it.

True. You should be able to login to the cloud with the same login:pass which you used for logging into this forum.

Or, you could just try to run the notebook in the sandbox.

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