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Equation numbering by chapters and sections

Posted 6 years ago

Hi, I would like to write a report which includes chapters, sections, and subsections. So, How do I number equations by chapter/section in Mathematica notebooks? For example, this equation is the 4th equation in chapter 2 section 1 : x+y=1 (2.1.4)

Kind regards, Omar

POSTED BY: Omar Alsuhaimi
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Hi Omar,

Assuming that your using the "Textbook" stylesheet that's found in the menu Format > Stylesheet > Book, and the Cell in question has the Cell style "EquationNumbered", you can add an autonumber for the "Section" to the equation number by modifying the CellFrameLabels for the style "EquationNumbered".

  1. Select the notebook that you want to change
  2. In the menus choose Format > Edit Stylesheet... This will embed a custom stylesheet into your notebook.
  3. Paste the following Cell expression and click "Yes" when prompted "to interpret the text".

           CounterBox["BookChapterNumber"], ".", 
           CounterBox["Section"], ".", 
           CounterBox["EquationNumbered"], ")"}]]}, {None, None}}]
POSTED BY: Larry Adelston
Posted 6 years ago

Thanks so much Larry.

Kind Regards Omar

POSTED BY: Omar Alsuhaimi
Posted 6 years ago

Hi Larry, Please, I would like to make the number of the equation (eg. (2,4,7)) as the following : 2 represents the chapter number. 4 represents the section number. 7 represents the number of the equation in the chapter not in the whole document. I mean when I start a new chapter, say section 5 , chapter 2, the sixth equation in this chapter should take this number (2,5,6).

Regards Omar

POSTED BY: Omar Alsuhaimi

Hi Omar, Assuming that you are using the aforementioned "Textbook" stylesheet, you made the modification outlined in my original comment, and the first cell in the Notebook is a "BookChapterNumber"-Cell, replace the first cell with following Cell expression:

CounterBox["BookChapterNumber"]], "BookChapterNumber",
 CounterAssignments->{ParentList, {"BookChapterNumber", 1}}]

I assume that you used the Textbook styled-notebook template as the basis for your document layout. FYI, the template can be accessed from a palette that is summoned via the menu item, File > New > Styled Notebook.... (see attached screenshot of the palette) In the palette, look for the icon with the "Textbook" caption (i.e., middle row, left-most column) and click the upper half of the icon. Note, when you hover over the top-half of the icon, the word "New" will appear. Click the icon to open a new template.

The addition of the option, CounterAssignments->{ParentList, {"BookChapterNumber", 1}}, should be the only difference between the original templated "BookChapterNumber"-Cell and the one above. (Important: The option's rhs value contains the sublist {"BookChapterNumber", 1}. That designation assigns the value 1 to the "BookChapterNumber" counter. However, the value is immediately incremented by 1 because the appearance of the "BookChapterNumber"-Cell in the Notebook causes the counter to increment. CounterBox["BookChapterNumber"] will display 2. Generally, the value assigned to "BookChapterNumber" must equal the desired value - 1.

If each chapter is in it's own separate Notebook, replace the "BookChapterNumber"-Cell with the one above, but be sure to replace the value 1 with a value == desired value - 1. For example, for chapter 3 replace the 1 with 2,..., for chapter 10 replace the 1 with 9. Also, remember to add the StyleData["EquationNumbered"]-Cell, as described in my original comment, to each notebook to correct the equation numbers.


POSTED BY: Larry Adelston
Posted 6 years ago

Great. Thanks so much Larry.

Regards Omar

POSTED BY: Omar Alsuhaimi
Posted 1 year ago

Larry, Maybe you can help me with this: Best regards, Irek

POSTED BY: irek7
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